Book Promotion

Instantly connect all of your students to audio, video, and other digital materials that bring books to life.

After selecting a title, booklist, or resource below, you'll be able to print (and translate to 100+ languages) bookmarks, flyers, labels or shelf talkers that offer immediate digital connections to these books and materials.

Seamlessly share resources with printables or on your digital platforms.

Print shelf cards that take readers directly to audio or video resources about a book or author. After choosing a type of "talking" resource from the boxes below, select a book title, and then the "Share" arrow to print the Shelf Talker for the desired content.

Print a sheet of 2x4 labels that take readers directly to resources that deepen connections to the titles in your resource room / bookset collections.

Champion literacy on your websites and blogs with these widgets that are both easily embedded and refreshed daily.