Collection Analysis Toolkit

With these tools, you can...

  • Create booklists with evolving collections of TeachingBooks resources tied to titles in your reading programs, syllabi, classrooms, and libraries.
  • Audit your collection for diversity and inclusivity, while exploring additional titles that could meet your needs.
  • Share your booklists and resources with students, colleagues, families—anyone in your community.

List Analysis Reports provide immediate insights into your collection's genre, cultural, and curricular classifications, while also considering reading levels, text complexity, and recency of publication date.

To support reflection and augmentation of your collection, a List Analysis Report acknowledges areas that are Not Included, along with links to identify additional titles you might consider adding to your lists.

Please note that the List Analysis Report only includes information about trade books that can be found on TeachingBooks. Any titles not found on TeachingBooks will be excluded. Additionally, this report will not reflect any information about professional reference materials or classroom guided reading sets.