Video Tutorials

Short videos designed to introduce and teach specific functions of TeachingBooks to support and expand your use.

3-Minute Introduction

Experience how TeachingBooks personalizes, enriches, and deepens each reader's connections to books and authors. [Spanish introduction]

Creating Custom Reading Lists

Create and share custom lists to build collections of personalized resources that deepen connections to titles and authors.

Creating an Educator Login

An educator login allows you to seamlessly share resources, create custom booklists and lessons, and access to the text complexity tools found on TeachingBooks that support your literacy work.

Sharing Resources

TeachingBooks sharing tools, a powerful way for everyone in your community to learn about seamless access to book and author resources that are relevant to them.

TeachingBooks Book Connections Chrome Extension

Discover titles for every topic with the TeachingBooks Book Connections Chrome Extension. Find them instantaneously with every Google search you make.

Text Complexity Toolkit

Use the TeachingBooks Text Complexity Toolkit to help put the right book in each reader's hands and incorporate text complexity analyses into your instructional plans.

Una introducción

Experimente cómo TeachingBooks personaliza, enriquece y profundiza las conexiones de cada lector con libros y autores.

Two-Minute Takeaways

Short videos featuring how to use TeachingBooks resources to spark ideas, springboard thinking, and support literacy.

Webinar Archive

Recordings of recent professional development webinars.